The General and the Jaguar



When the soldiers saw the yellow lights of the ranch house, they were seized with hunger. Sometimes they lived for two or three days on a handful of parched corn, and the thought of well-cooked beef and hot green chiles stimulated their dormant hunger pangs. Still, they did not dare spur their tired mounts past the erect back of the colonel and continued to follow him down the hill. Read full excerpt

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What the Readers Said

“Welsome portrays the very well researched facts, and presents them for your own discernment, avoiding casting her own thoughts to persuade readers to her viewpoints. In other words, she is portraying history as a true historian should, which is a real treat.”
– Monty Rainey, New Braunfels, Texas

“The General and the Jaguar is a heck of a good book. It is a serious, splendidly researched piece of history, but it is written as smoothly and fast paced as a thriller.”
– CL (Illinois)

“The General and the Jaguar is an absorbing and instructive book. It reads like a novel and is hard to put down.”
– A. Krikorian, Los Angeles, CA

“This is a terrific book about the first attack on U.S. soil in the 20th Century. It occurred 90 years ago, and I was impressed by how much and how little things have changed in that time.”
– Ultlander, Upstate New York

“Well written with no moralizing. The characters come alive through Welsome’s storytelling. An entertaining and quick read.”
– H. Allen, New York, N.Y.

“This is a satisfying, richly detailed read. Sure to please the history buff and the general reader.”
– Jae Brown, Marion, IN

“If you are looking for the genesis of where military blundering and cover-up began in this century, you would be well served to read Ms. Welsome’s book as a starting point.”
– Earl A. Myers, Jr.